My muse has been giving material tonight. I thought I’d share this with all of you.

A very Happy New Year to you all, as well!!




Like A Moth To A Flame


I’ve given you my heart.
Gifted with open hands.
No strings attached.
Uncaring of where we stand.

We were friends once,
and very well could still be.
These thoughts of you,
still live so deep inside of me.

We stand on different shores.
Searching for love and happiness.
You’re the one,
my heart does miss.

I’ve been tempted so many times.
To tell you what I hold inside.
Yet we live in two different worlds.
Thus, these feelings I can’t confide.

You’ll always be the one I think of.
The one who holds my heart.
Like a moth to a flame.
Near, yet forever apart.


© Jan. 1, 2012 L.E.M.