This is a little dark in tone, for which I apologize in advance.

Sometimes, the Muse takes me in that direction.

No matter what, the words must come out, right?


Life Is Never Perfect

Life is never perfect.
Full of hardships and unexpected trails,
we’re always wondering where we’ll be.
Dreams are the things we are made of.
Sometimes, they’re reached.
Oftentimes, they’re unobtainable,
to the naked eye,
It’s hard to see what we need to see.
It’s hard to know of what will be.

Despair cowers at the edge of darkness,
always waiting to strike.
It sinks it’s claws into our hearts,
speaking untruths to gain its purchase.
We live in a world of uncertainty,
Never knowing what the next day will bring.
Tasting salted tears of despondence,
it’s difficult to see where we need to go.

The Devil clouds our visions,
spewing lies at every turn.
He waits for us to sink into oblivion,
ready to slake his thirst.
Little does He know,
there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.
It’s always ready to shine when we need it the most.
Hope hovers in the distance,
ready to embrace the unknown.

Sometimes, it seems as if there is no solution.
The darkness is not the key.
To give up is to let go.
That choice is never to our liking.
The paths we tread are hard, at best,
but the solutions are always there.
If you believe, life’s joys will always come.
Don’t let despair and hopelessness claim what is rightfully yours.
In time, all dreams come to fruition.
We just have to remain strong until then.
Life is never perfect,
but sometimes we make do.

© June 3, 2014 L. E. M.