I Thought I Could Forget


I thought I could forget you.
Push you from the deepest reaches of my mind.
Yet no matter how hard I try,
your memory comes unbidden, I do find.

I find myself remembering.
Hearing your honeyed words.
Aching with frustration.
Torn between two worlds.

The images I see,
remind me of what I once wanted.
A yearning that’s slowly growing.
A desire that was never truly thwarted.

I burn with the urge,
to truly call you my own.
To kiss and caress you.
Unable to escape these memories I’ve never overthrown.

You’re embedded,
within every part of me.
A craving that crops up so unexpected.
A delicious ice cream perched upon the table before me.

Why must these memories torment me so?
Why can’t my heart forget?
Despite the little things,
I confess I’ve only a few regrets.

You were mine for but a moment.
An avid part of me that’s intent on remaining here.
Loved for all eternity.
I’ll forever hold you near.


© Mar. 4, 2012 L.E.M.