I Sometimes Wonder

You’ve been stuck in my head,
for as long as I can remember.
A thought that’s never-ending,
like the snows of December.

There’s no getting rid,
of what you’ve come to mean to me.
Those fleeting thoughts,
embedded indefinitely.

I’ve tried to let you go.
To forget, and move along.
Yet I think of you often,
when I hear a certain song.

I sometimes wonder,
what could have been.
Where would we be?
Would things be as they were then?

Time has never erased,
what lies buried inside my heart.
The memories linger.
Even when I’ve tried to set things apart.

Darkness sometimes consumes me,
but I have no regrets.
You’ll forever remain a part of me,
even as the sun sets.

I meant every word I said to you,
and held close every moment.
This wretched distance has never mattered.
I’ve been forever patient.

When I dream at night,
you are there.
You opened up my heart,
from the moment you told me that you cared.

I sometimes wonder if there’s a someday.
If I’ll get to see you, finally.
Perhaps, it’s wishful thinking.
Maybe . . .

© Jan. 21, 2013 L. E. M.