A Shattered Soul


A shattered soul.
Broken and incomplete.
Her life is but a memory.
Her love so obsolete.

She stumbles along the shadows,
reaching the portal we call life.
Breathing in it’s murky scent.
Bereft and full of strife.

Her eyes skim across its window.
There are things she doesn’t want to see.
As she nears, it shatters.
The pieces embedded within her skin indefinitely.

She questions her existence.
Cries from all the pain.
Her blood drips slowly downward.
She seethes with such disdain.

The rift inside her soul,
one can never mend.
A shell of her former self.
One who seeks her end.

A shattered soul.
Fragmented beyond repair.
Floating through the shadows.
Her touch as light as air.

Lost and so afraid.
Her life is slowly ebbing.
The copper scent has thickened.
Death’s door she’s swiftly treading.

Silence wraps its loving tendrils.
The darkness quickly beckons.
Forever a memory.
Remembered but not forgotten.


© Jan. 17, 2012 L.E.M.