Closure ThumbnailI’ve officially had my first book published!!!!

So happy right now. It’s always been my dream to have my work published.

It’s currently available as an EBook via Barnes & Noble for the Nook and via Amazon for the Kindle. In time, I plan to have it printed into paperback format and will keep you all posted as to how that goes.

I recently decided to experiment and take the self-publishing route. I have to say that although it was very nerve-racking, it has also been a huge learning experience.

You see, I’ve never done this sort of thing, even though I’ve seen many author’s take this route and have been successful in doing so. I am praying that I, too, will be successful with the decisions for my writing that I have recently undertaken.

I set aside some time these last few weeks to work on my short story, sending it to close friends and family so that they could proofread and critique it. Each time input came back from someone, I sat down and corrected my mistakes and made sure that everything was as it should be.

Once the manuscript was ready, I sat down and started working on the cover image. Finding the appropriate images wasn’t easy and sometimes, I thought that I’d never get it right. But in time, it all fell together and the cover came to be. I think it came out very nice, don’t you?

All in all, I’ve been learning alot from this experience and hope to learn alot more as I go along. I’m currently working on a novel that I plan to have published as a traditional papaerback, but do plan to have it offered as an EBook for both the B & N Nook and Amazon Kindle.

It feels great to finally have something that I’ve written put out there for all to see and read. I don’t know if people will really like it, but I’m proud with what I’ve written and hope you all will be, too.

To all of my family and friends, thank you for bearing with me through this process. I appreciate everything you’ve all done for me and that you’ve watched me grow every step of the way. Each and everyone of you mean alot to me. I love you all!