I decided recently that it might be best to transfer all of the current book reviews to a new site. It would eliminate the clutter here on my main site, I think, and would make it easier to find all the book reviews on just one site.

I’m still working on submission guidelines, in case anyone would like us to review their books. I promise that I’ll have that information ready for you all soon.

We accept ebook review submissions and are also willing to review any print editions. It may take us some time to get the reviews done and posted up, so we do ask that you bear with us as we get on that.

We’ve gone ahead and set-up the address for ebook submissions. You can find that here: HERE. All genres are accepted. When sending us your ebook submissions for review, please be sure to address your email with the subject “S.H. Book Review Submission”. We’ll review books in the order received.

With that said, I’d like to point you towards Simplistik Halloz Books. I hope you enjoy the design. I modified a template provided by WordPress.org to suit the idea I had for the site. The wood effect background and the white copy paper title/body background are my creations. Every thing else belongs to the person who created the initial template.


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