So, as most of you know, I’ve been working on a few secret projects. I’d meant to update you all on one of them not too long, but life got in the way. I honestly do think it was meant to be that way, since I was able to square a few things that made it possible for me to finish what I’d been doing with the project.

I’d like to share with you all the cover for a project that’s currently on Kindle Vella. I uploaded it a few days ago, so I had to wait until Amazon finished doing its thing before I could mention anything in regards to the book itself.

This is a story that popped into my head unexpectedly. It’s litrpg, gamelit, and fantasy all mixed together. In all honesty, I’m having fun writing it. I’ve quite a few chapters written and edited already.

The plan is to post a new chapter every Sunday. There won’t an update this coming Sunday, however, as I want to give people time to catch up on the three chapters I’ve had posted up on Kindle Vella.

I do so hope you all enjoy the story itself. Without further ado, here’s the cover.