Just a head’s up, lovelies.

The following titles have been unpublished from Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, print, and all other vendors. During the next few days the listings will start disappearing from each vendor. This is in preparation for an upcoming transition that I’ll be fully announcing soon.

Forbidden Desires
Compromise of the Soul (This has been renamed, by the way. Announcement on its new title will be made known soon as well.)
In Mercy’s Hands (Content has been extended.)
Forever Yours (A Tales of Velosia Erotic Short—This is no longer a short story.)
Closure (This is no longer a short story.)
Broken (This is no longer a short story.)
Memories (Closure Series Omnibus Edition Books 1 & 2)
For The Love Of Renata (Content has been extended.)

Subtle Secrets and Into The Abyss will also be transitioning to a different pen name—one I’ve previously mentioned, but didn’t go forward with until now—as this is NA Mature. Details for this will be made available soon as well. For the time being, they will be left as they are on all current vendors.