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Fallen was never supposed to be a book. In fact, the concept of it was originally supposed to be vampire in nature, and was most certainly NOT the one I wanted to be my first publication. I’d toyed with the idea of a young woman falling in love with a ‘mysterious’ traveling carnival worker.  This guy (Angelo) originally started off as a vampire, bur for whatever reason; vampire just really did not suit him.  But vampires were mainstreaming hardcore, and I didn’t want rush in on the coat tails of the Twilight Series.  I wanted something different. So Fallen was born, but I’d only written it for a few people, just to pass some time and to see if I could do it.  It was my first attempt at anything paranormal.  I clicked save and after my friends read it, I closed the file and didn’t open it again.

Sometime later, a dear friend of mine suggested that I check in to self-publication through Amazon. I did some research on e-books and self-publication. I thought Amazon sounded cool so I decided to go with it.  After arguing with myself, I asked my best friend which one of my novels she thought I should publish, the pirate romance or the murder mystery. She said, “I think you should publish Fallen.”

“Uh no,” was my response.  That book has been setting in my computer, in a long lost file for nearly a year.  I had completely forgotten about it, because as far as my books go, it was most certainly not my favorite. My best friend finally pushed me, kicking and screaming, through that door.

“Put your big girl panties on and do it,” she told me.

Fallen BC“I don’t wanna. I think I lost my big girl panties.  That piece sucks,” I pretty much whined.  I trust my friend with every aspect of my writing, and I have now learned that when she says something I listen.

So, we continued to argue for some time about it, and she finally won. This wasn’t but maybe a day or so after Christmas.  My baby was only three months old and I wasn’t sure if I could do it.  I talked to my husband one night and he said that he thought I should.

So, I did.  A few days into 2011, I sat down and opened the poor old file that had been neglected for so long.  I began to read through it and I visibly cringed at each chapter.  How was I going to make this into something someone wanted to read?  It wasn’t going to be possible, but I trudged through. The more I tore through that book, the more I fell in love with each character and their story.  Before I knew it, I was finished.

I made a mistake a lot of self-published authors make.  I didn’t do a very good job on editing. I got ahead of myself and published.  This almost destroyed me.  A few months, and couple bad reviews later, I found my editor, and with his help, I was able to produce a better quality book. However, the story didn’t end there.

When I finally published Fallen, I didn’t feel like it was over.  There were too many characters that needed to be heard, and a few more that needed to be introduced.  Between these two books I released a murder mystery, just to give myself a little break from the paranormal aspect.  That didn’t work for long because pretty soon Risen was born.

Writing Risen was a little bit different than Fallen.  I went into it knowing that it had to be a good book.  I had no earthly clue where it was going until I was about three quarters of the way through the story.  Before I even go to the end of Risen, Final Redemption was already beginning to take shape.  I couldn’t write Risen fast enough.

Unfortunately, once I got a little ways into Final Redemption, I hit a wall.  It was like the wall was made out of glass.  I could see the characters and story line floating behind it, but I just could not get back there to it.  It drove me nuts.  Here it was June, and I had set up a release for June and the book was only about half way through, and weeks away from the editing process.  I had written the ending of the book weeks ago.  I just needed the other stuff, oh ya know, like the story that goes between the beginning and the end.

Risen BCI needed a vacation.  I flew up to Maine to spend a few days with a good author friend of mine.  We talked and had a good time, and by the time I got back on the plane to come home, it was like a crack had formed in that glass wall.  The characters were picking and poking at the crack and by the time I made it home, the wall shattered and everything was free.  I knew I could count on her!

I finished Final Redemption by the end of June and rushed it to my editor.  By the first week of August, Final Redemption was FINALLY ready.  Once it was up and ready for purchase I sat back and let out a sigh of contentment. The Chosen Series was finally finished.  Everyone’s story had been told.  They had all left my mind and were making their way into the hearts and minds of others.  Though I’m done with this series, I often still think of them.  I’ll see an outfit that reminds me of Lucy, or I’ll see a corset that reminds me of Angie.  It was a crazy journey, but one I am glad I got to take.



Synopsis for Fallen:

Angelo searched for the one to save them for centuries.  Never in his wildest dreams did he expect it to be a girl.  From the beginning, he was drawn to her, but how could such a slip of a girl be the one to save mankind.  He was supposed to train her and explain what she was, but how could he do his job and resist her at the same time? Could he put attractions aside and focus on his job and what he needed to do?

It was just supposed to be a fun night at their small town carnival, but a bizarre encounter with a mysterious fortune teller changed Erin’s life forever.

Then there was the stranger, the man who she literally ran into. A beautiful stranger that wouldn’t leave her thoughts and who suddenly haunted her dreams.  Something about him pulled her to him, like an anchor sinking to the bottom of the ocean.  Little did she know her life was about to change when he revealed to her that she wasn’t exactly human, and that she was destined to fight the most powerful evil on earth.

FR BCErin’s life collided with Angelo’s, and now they are both in for a ride as they fight for the world, and fight their attraction for one another.

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Synopsis for Risen:

Blaze and Angie were happy, or so she thought. There was a restlessness growing inside her that not even she could explain. How could she trust his love when she wasn’t able to trust herself?

They thought the battle was finished when they sent Satan back to hell, so how could they have known another threat, larger than Satan himself, was looming on the horizon? This time the stakes are higher and the game much more deadly. Something is coming and it will shatter everything they have ever known. Can they stop it before it has Risen?

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Synopsis for Final Redemption:

With Lilith on the loose and their circle fractured, The Chosen are wandering around lost, broken, and confused. Their friendships are being tested as well as their trust in one another. They’ve lost one of their own, and now new questions keep surfacing as a bout of unusual occurrences take place. What they didn’t expect was an evil worse than Lilith herself in the works. Come join the Nephilim on one last journey.

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CJ PictureAbout The Author:

I’m a born and raised small town girl. I love fishing, camping, big and loud trucks, but don’t let my boots fool ya, I can slip out of my boots and into a pair of heels in no time flat! I love books and movies and it seems that there is never enough time to read or watch them all. I bake and decorate cakes (in my free time) pffft what’s that right?

My husband is my world. He has been my cheerleader as I strive to achieve my writing goals; he’s helped pick me up and dust me off when I get rejected; he laughs with me, and more times than not he laughs AT me, and he lends a shoulder for me to cry on. He’s my rock but more importantly he is my best friend. We have two beautiful sons, Dillyn (8) and Traben (2). They are my angels and by becoming an author I want to show them that their dreams can come true. I have something that not many people can brag about. I have my parents (both amazing God Fearing people married 31 years) and my AMAZING in-laws (married 44 years) these two couples are part of my inspiration. I am also fortunate to call my three younger brothers my best friends. I have a few close friends that have helped me come so far.

I value my relationships and treat them all like rare gems, because they are all special and unique in their own way. I love making people laugh, no matter what. Life is too short to be so serious all the time.

Writing has always been a dream of mine. It’s been a comfort when I’m hurting and an outlet when I’m mad. It is my security blanket.



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