mikeyquestions I sometimes wonder why it’s difficult for some people to be upfront with someone about things that happen IRL. Why they feel that perhaps it’s better for someone else to deliver their bad news instead of doing so themselves? Or that they feel the need to ignore the person instead of confronting the situation at hand head-on. I honestly can’t understand that.

I’m the type of person that prefers honesty. I also prefer that people be upfront with me – whether it’s good or bad. One of my biggest pet peeves is having someone beat about the bush and sending someone else in their stead instead of coming to me and communicating about whatever is wrong. It’s mind-boggling to me, it really is.

I’ve recently come across this both IRL and online and it feels icky. It really does. I’ve been trying to fathom as to why people prefer to not be honest about whatever is wrong. Why they prefer to have someone else speak up on their behalf.

I know that some people are afraid of confrontation and that they might feel that someone else is better suited to deliver their bad news. Yet I can’t help but think that perhaps things would go much more smoothly if they were to communicate things themselves. It would save both parties the headache and the heartache later on, wouldn’t it?

Imagine that you’re working, (and I’m just using this as an example), and something goes awry. The manager in charge should be the one to sit down with you and communicate about what’s wrong. But what happens when said person doesn’t do so, sending instead another in his/her place in hopes of smoothing things over? Granted, this other person might be qualified to handle the situation, but he/she may not provide the best solution with which to make things better. In the end, the manager in charge is better suited to do just that, I think.

Maybe I’m the only who feels this way, but I can’t stand it when people prefer to have others handle things for them. I really can’t. Worst of all, is that people won’t take responsibility for their actions. It’s like a cowardice, of sorts, when this sort of thing happens. It’s not hard to be honest about whatever is wrong in hopes of fixing things, right? And communication is the best key in sorting things out, isn’t it?

So why can’t people do that? Why ignore things and hope that the other person will ignore it, too? Why have someone speak for you, when you can speak for yourself? It doesn’t really serve a purpose. Does it?

It’s far better to take matters into your own hands and set things straight yourself instead of letting someone else try and do it for you. Most times, a third party will make things worse and we won’t be able to salvage the situation if this occurs.

Honesty is always the best policy in life. I just wish more people would abide by it rather than run from it. Lots of things can sorted out quite easily if we all own up to our actions.