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Flesh-eating pixies, ogres that collect shiny objects, an elven spell-caster seeking revenge against the lover who left her thousands of years ago . . .

In the world of Shadow Path, all the creatures of our human mythology and legend are real. They’ve been away for a while, but now they’re back. Only they’re not . . . quite . . . the way we envisioned them in all those stories.

Kat Morales, a human detective with the Corpus Christi police force, is learning more about those differences all the time as she and her partner, Tevis – an elf – find the murders they’re investigating leave a trail into Tevis’ past. It seems an old lover wants him dead.

But first, she wants to get his attention . . .



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An Ogre murdered with a rune-inscribed sword is just the beginning as Kat Morales, a very human police detective in Corpus Christi, Texas, and her Elf partner Tevis MacLeod follow a blood trail that leads to Pixies, necromancy and Magic of the Blackest kind . . . to its climax in a stronghold Between worlds, where Tevis must duel spell for spell with a former lover who wants to see her old flame extinguished permanently.




One step over the threshold, and Tevis stopped so fast Kat nearly ran into him. “I . . . see what you mean. Arvandus,” he scowled over his shoulder at the Wizard, “is this wise?”

“I have cast a spell — several in fact. We are the only ones who can see it.”

Kat pushed past her partner. And stopped, gawking. An open carriage hovered in the air inches from the balcony railing. A silver-white horse, large but well-proportioned, hovered between the traces. At the reins sat an individual who appeared to be Mideastern, bearded and clad in shirt, trousers — even a turban and pointed-toed slippers — straight out of the Arabian Nights.

“. . . we and any other creatures from the Realms,” Tevis was saying. “Coira will hear of this.”

“I certainly hope so! I’m not expending energy on these spells just for the fun of it, you know.” Arvandus drew a breath, released it. “I suspect she knows already that a Wizard has taken an interest in her affairs — or, at the very least, is considering that possibility. But I want her to be certain, without any doubt, that not merely a Wizard, but a Wizard of the First Rank, has taken interest in her doings, and that you and Kathryn have an ally.”

He inclined his head in a slight bow to Kat, who had managed, finally, to tear her gaze from the fantastic coach and its driver.

“I do not believe Wizards impress her that greatly, Arvandus. She has killed one of you already. She will not stop at killing another.”





PLB PictureAbout The Author:

A native of Tyler, Texas, P.L. Blair spent nearly 30 years as a full-time newspaper reporter before writing Shadow Path, book 1 in her Portals fantasy/detective series. Now semi-retired – and still writing (part-time) for a newspaper in South Texas – Blair divides her year between Sheridan and Rockport, Texas, where she has family. She is companion to two basset hounds, a long-haired dachshund and a cat – all rescues. She writes a regular column and is a book reviewer for myshelf.com, and writes occasional articles for the Wyoming Business Journal.



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