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On this book tour, I kept thinking Cassandra, Cassandra, Cassandra. But the book is just as much about James as it is Cassandra. I started with a blog about Cassandra so I guess I’ll end it with James.

James Martin Austin has three sisters, named Reneé, Michelle, and Monique. These sisters are actually named after three sisters I grew up knowing. But we called Michelle, Fifi, so if you grew up near Vancouver and were called Fifi as a kid…HI!!!! Email me.

Anyways his parents are still alive and waiting for grandbabies. And while his sisters have given them some he’s the only boy so their waiting for the name to carry on.

He’s worked for “Boss” on the Double L Ranch pretty much since he graduated high school and loves animals but couldn’t become a veterinarian.

His one true love, besides Cassandra, is Gwen Stefani. There isn’t a Gwen/No Doubt song that he doesn’t like. Now if he could just get Gwen to be the queen in 300, with Gerard Butler, his life would be complete. He had his Jeep Wrangler and now Cassandra so his life is “gellin.”

His work happens to be one of the things he loves most in life, riding horses. If he’s not on a horse, he’s around them. His only real hobby is horseback riding otherwise he’s just a vegging kind of guy. Well maybe you could include grilling steaks but that’s about it.

CH BCJames is a very grounded man, very down to earth. He needed Cassandra in his life to show him that life isn’t just horses, steaks, and dust. It’s wind, rain fruity wines that will knock you on your ass and girls who are too many to count great grand daughters of goddesses.



Synopsis: Cassandra St. James has lost her true love, or she thinks she has. Cassandra’s friends are trying to get the empath to learn to live again.

James Austin never looked for love because he never thought he’d find it. James just wanted to find a better way of training a shy colt.

Neither was looking for the other, but someone decided to put them in each others way. Trying to clear his mind James watches as a sad and lost Cassandra wanders in the park. He knows he should be thinking of Sparks, the colt, but he can only think of the sparks he feels from the brunette.

Cassandra knows she needs to move on in her life before her gift of empathy takes too heavy a toll, but she doesn’t want to acknowledge the feelings that are stirred by the handsome man in the park.

Can they find their way to each other?



YK Picture BCAbout The Author:

Yasmina is from a small town in the middle of . . . naw you know better. Yasmina is originally from Vancouver, WA and then by way of the Navy and college ended up in Grays Harbor County with her husband and her two kids and now the two black cats. Yes, she has two of the furry beasts.

During the day, she keeps the people happy or tries to anyway. At night, she tries to keep her sanity by escaping aforementioned family to write down what the evil muses have shoved in her brain all day.

She waits for the graduation of her kids (one imminent and one not so imminent) so that the house will become quite.

She listens to an eclectic mix of music when she writes, anything from Shinedown to Nora Jones and a little of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour thrown in for the fun of it.

Her sarcastic sense of humor has and will continue to get her in trouble but hey who cares?

Yasmina has been writing between cries of MOM and YASMINA for ten years and plans to write for many more. Her first published stories were fanfiction for her favorite TV series but the first story she tried her hand at was Cassandra’s Heart now available on,, and soon in print.!/yasminakohl