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In a culture that seems more insistent than ever that youth is everything, what is it about the sexy older woman that gets the pulse of a young man racing?

Well, of course, I can’t speak for all men, so I’ll speak for myself. I’m sure it has roots in the fact that most boys grow up basking in the love of an older woman. So I guess there’s potentially something a little Oedipal in it. Then there are the teachers you form crushes on, too.

But it’s obviously much more than that. An older woman is usually more independent and self-confident. She’s had the attention of men for 20 years, maybe longer. She is a more powerful being than she was when she was 25.

And that’s a huge factor.

See, being a man comes with its own set of expectations. Different from, but equal to, the expectations women feel. Being a man means you’re expected to be in control. Financial control. Physical control. Emotional control. But when you’re 24, you’re still trying to find out how life works. How fast you can run, how hard you can hit. Figuratively and literally.

A woman of 40, say, has almost certainly ridden shotgun on that particular journey of self-discovery at least once. She knows how brittle a young man is. He’s strong – very strong – until he’s not. Then he’s powder.

Being with an older woman offers a young man the chance to relinquish that show of power. Because she knows it’s a show. That he has very little idea what he’s doing for 90% of the time. He’s more willing to be guided by someone in a position of power. And by the age of 40, most women know how to speak to men.

Paradoxically, an older woman offers a young man the chance to prove his power. To use a very male analogy, a boxer cannot become world champion without beating the current world champion. Men do that. They need to conquer, and so shape their experiences to fit that world view. Everything becomes a competition of some kind.

With all the wiles that a sexy cougar has in her armory, she is a worthy opponent. And a young man knows how hard he has to work to gain her approval.

Thankfully, most men love a challenge!




Donelle Fortier is no billionaire. She runs her ad agency with passion and scruples . . . and it shows in her bank balance.

Edan Dalca is the cocky young hotshot Donelle hired to pump life into her business. He’s intense, passionate . . . and downright hawt.

But when his arrogance threatens the agency’s future, Donelle realizes he needs to be taught one very important lesson: patience.

And with Donelle’s consummate skills, it’s a lesson that Edan will never forget.



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Willsin Rowe falls in love with a scent, a playful expression or an act of casual intimacy more easily than with physical beauty. When confronted by any combination of those elements he is a lost cause. He has done many things over and over, done even more things only once, and half-done more things than he cares to admit.

He loves to sing and doesn’t let his voice get in the way. He is intelligent but not sensible. He is passionate but fearful. He is not scruffy enough or stylish enough to be cool.



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