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Stepping from the darkened shadows, he glides across the room. A glint in his eyes half desire, half hunger, and you don’t care which you’ll be . . .

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been fascinated by vampires and the paranormal as far back as I can remember. I reminisce about sleepless nights staying up with my best friend Stephanie through high school watching “B” rated films that inevitably had a vampire drinking the life from some poor helpless female. I loved it. Now, my tastes have refined, if you want to call it that. My bookshelves are filled with paranormal authors from Christine Feehan’s Dark series to the Crimson City series. Vampires, werewolves and witches, they all have a draw. Being an adult woman though, I crave a little more from my reading and seek that heat to draw my attention.

When I started writing, I wanted my main male character to be dark, sexy, and dangerous. Where better to find all those traits than in a vampire? These days when I read or watch a movie it takes a lot to hold my attention. My writing is the same way. I need to have a strong male lead to grasp and hold my attention starts to wander, I can’t tell you how many half finished manuscripts lay around my house. All my work that made it off the office floor involves a strong male lead, and an equally strong female to match them.

SB BCWhen my mind conjured up Damon Blake in my new story Snow Beast, it was in the middle of the night sitting alone in my big king-sized bed, writing on my laptop, eating chocolate, and watching Buffy.  You can’t get much better than Angel, but in my brain I started thinking up Damon, an ancient vampire with powers to rival even the greatest threats. His long flowing black hair and bright blue eyes captured my imagination. And, where you can have one, why not two? Damon has a twin brother, Jared Blake. Their personalities are opposing, but they make one delectable sight when standing side by side, and boy, are they fun to write.

Detective Nikki Adams finds out just how irresistible Damon is in this first installment of the Dark Warrior series. I hope you enjoy reading about the dangerously sexy duo as much as I enjoy writing about them.



Synopsis: It’s winter in Boston and the animals have come out to play.  When two men are found dead mauled to death in an alley Detective Nikki Adams knows that something unusual is going on. Faced with a reality unlike any she’s ever known Nikki is thrown into a paranormal world where vampires and werewolves are real.

Take a thrilling ride with Detective Nikki Adams, Homicide cop with the Boston PD.  Together with her partner Detective Dan Stallo, she joins forces with two sexy, twin vampires Damon and Jared Blake, and one very hot werewolf Trevor Gies. Nikki finds herself delving ever deeper into their secret world as she’s torn between her conflicting feelings of allegiance to her family and her growing attraction between Damon and Trevor.



SZ PictureAbout The Author:

Serena Zane currently lives with her husband and her son in the Northwest. Working full-time at a day job, she also plays hard, and spends her free time studying the Middle Ages in a re-creationist organization called the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc (SCA). Much of her time is spent between training for heavy armored combat, learning about music in the 16th Century, and writing her novels.

Serena started writing at an early age with short stories, and poetry inspired by her mother, a strong independent woman who loves to help others, and wrote her own stories. Dark Hope was picked up and published by Southwest Publications in 2008.

In 2009 Serena became a member of Romance Writer’s of America, and has been working on her craft with the wonderful members of the Olympia Chapter. Though she does love the Middle Ages, and will most likely write a historical romance in the near future, she fell in love with the idea of writing a contemporary action/adventure romance while she was attending college to study Criminal Justice.

After months of working on homework assignments late at night that made her want to turn on every light in the house, she decided it would be a great idea to take some of the ideas running through her head and commit them to paper.

Serena has recently stared exploring the world of Short Story writing and will soon be releasing her first Short through Books To Go Now.



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