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I never thought of myself as a romance writer. I’ve been writing for many years, since I was in grade school, and my stories have run the gamut of genres. Romance, however, was not something I read on a regular basis or even really considered as I wrote. If someone fell in love in my stories, that was all fine and good, but I suppose I didn’t see it as the core of the tale.

Writing Merlyn’s Raven certainly changed all that. I’ve been a fan of Arthurian legend since high school and have read many, many stories set in that enchanting universe. I always thought it would be fun to write something to add to the Arthurian lexicon, but really, after thousands of years, is there anything new to explore?

Then, one day, I came across Vita Merlini, a cycle of poems from the 1100’s by the Welsh-Norman writer Geoffrey of Monmouth. In these poems following the later life of Merlin, King Arthur’s legendary advisor, I discovered a new character I’d never seen before in all my Arthurian exploration. Her name was Guendoloena, and she was Merlin’s wife. My head spun. Merlin? A wife? Now there was an interesting idea!

MR BCAnd so Merlyn’s Raven began. I wanted to create a story centering around a younger Merlin, told through the eyes of the woman who loved him. I sought to explore their relationship and find out what kinds of struggles and triumphs they might have together. I hope I accomplished this in the novel. For me, it was an extraordinary and rewarding writing experience.

Thank you for allowing me appear on your blog today! I hope everyone reading this will step into the magical land of Merlyn’s Raven and accompany Myrddin and Gwendydd, my versions of young Merlin and his beloved, on their journey.




Falling in love is the ultimate magic.

For Gwendydd, a young woman in 5th century Wales, it seems an unobtainable fantasy. She dreads the day her chieftain grandfather will marry her off to increase his allies among the warring tribes of Britain.

When she meets the mysterious and handsome druid apprentice Myrddin, Gwendydd realizes just how difficult falling in love can be. The ire of her disapproving grandfather is not her only obstacle. Myrddin’s clairvoyant visions of a king who will unify the battling tribes and bring peace to the land become a dangerous obsession that threatens to obliterate their union.

Can Gwendydd support her beloved, the man destined to become the world’s most powerful enchanter, King Arthur’s legendary Merlyn? Or will her devotion destroy her and everything she holds dear?



RVE PictureAbout The Author:

Rose Vanden Eynden has always believed in magic, which probably explains how she is able to be a writer as well as a wife, mother, medium, massage therapist, minister, and instructor. She resides in a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband, twin teenaged sons, and a dachshund named after Rudyard Kipling. In her spare time, she enjoys performing in live theatre, watching films, reading, and walking in the woods. An avid believer in a balanced life, she meditates and eats chocolate daily.



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