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I write stories, specifically contemporary romance. I love happy endings, seeing characters come together under the most unexpected events. I revel in seeing love conquer all and show all evil that everything is possible.

Silent Night’s Seduction is an inspiration based off of my other novella Tempting a Cowboy. Lily, the main heroine in Silent Night’s Seduction had actually started this mini-series in the 1Night Stand series. She’d been the one to work up the nerve to set her brother Shane on a blind date with Madame Eve’s dating service, which is how Shane had met his woman Mia in Tempting a Cowboy.

Now payback is sweet. Forced and kidnapped onto a plane set for Alaska, Shane sets Lily up for the same thing, hoping she’d find her happily-ever-after as he had. Lily believes she’s going to spend the holidays alone . . .

Until her ex-husband Rafe shows up . . .

SNS BCThe name Silent Night’s Seduction was actually named after the Christmas song to go along with the other short stories in Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand Holiday Anthology. My fabulous CP Nina Croft had actually helped me come up with the name. The song is played through out the book to represent the holiday spirit, making their reconciliation and seduction so much sweeter.

Seeing two lovers reunite under fateful or non-fateful circumstances definitely leaves me hoping and cheering that they’d find their way home together. Their passion and intensity towards each other leaves me breathless, but Lily and Rafe truly hold my heart, especially for the holidays.

I hope you enjoy Silent Night’s Seduction, and believe that there are endless possibilities to love.

Clarissa Yip



Synopsis: Stubborn and proud cowgirl, Lily McCormick, is finally coming to terms with her quiet life on her parent’s ranch, until her older brother, as payback, signs her up for 1NightStand. Kidnapped and forced onto a plane to a foreign location, she faces the dreaded cold and an unwanted tryst, until her ex-husband appears before her…as her date.

New York City District Attorney, Rafe Martinez, would do anything to get his ex-wife back, even if it meant taking drastic measures to pretend he was there for another woman. When jealousy and rage surfaces and Lily’s tough demeanor wanes, desire and lust sparks their once powerful connection as truths unfold. Will Rafe convince her to return to him or push her further away from giving their love a second chance?



About The Author:

Contemporary romance author, Clarissa Yip, leads a life of adventure and mischief. Constantly on the run, she’s always hanging out with her muse, plotting the next best story, and looking for anything that will fuel her imagination. Besides being an avid reader and writer, Clarissa enjoys scrapbooking, video games, immersing herself in addictive TV shows, and engaging in anything that will challenge her mind. A lover of food and languages, she also loves to try new things. Her dreams involve finding the ultimate way of sharing her world with yours. From the Hawaiian island of Oahu to the beautiful season-changing New York, you never know where she’ll be.

Please join her as she ventures to the unknown as she wields her stories, escape to exciting adventures across the country, and shares the view of the world through the eyes of a writer.

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