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Like most writers, I like to think I found the character in my story, but in reality it was Penelope who found me. I started writing a story of a college-aged woman coming home to a dreary old house in the country. As the story progressed, the exploits of the character took on that of a much younger person. I gave in and decided to go with it. Penelope, the brassy, ready-to-stand-up-for-what’s-right kid, was born.

I won’t go much into the plot of the first book, Penelope and The Birthday Curse, except to mention it paved the way for Penelope to attend a private prep school.  Her uncle Elmer wrote a letter of introduction, reminding the principal at Tiffin Preparatory School of a certain incident from their college days that involved a goat, a can of motor oil and the dean’s underwear.  Uncle Elmer was expelled from college, and Malcom Merriweather, now the principle at Tiffin, was exonerated of the incident that he caused. With a bit of blackmail and the letter, Penelope was enrolled.

The second book, Penelope and The Ghost’s Treasure takes place at the school that is housed in the old Windorf Hotel.  The hotel was left to the school in Thaddeus and Lady Windorf’s will.  As Penelope’s father said, “The architectural design of the hotel bordered on lunacy… the building has stairs and doors that go nowhere, hidden passages, rooms askew and missing space.” During the first semester, Penelope and her friend, Raddy, explore the hotel’s secret passages and discover more than they planned for.

PATMS BCPenelope and The Movie Star takes place during the second semester at the school. Marvel Movies comes to shoot a motion picture against the historic backdrop of the old hotel. Students have been explicitly forbidden to go near the movie company that is using the front lobby for shooting a scene. Penelope finds herself hiding on the set, although she claims she got there by accident. During the filming, she witnesses a murder. She claims she had her eyes shut and didn’t see anything, but the police think she might recall something. Unfortunately the killer also thinks she might remember.

Currently, Penelope and The Movie Star is only available on Kindle, but by the middle of May it will be out on Smashwords and Nook. In June, the book will also be out in paperback.


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Marvel Movies comes to Tiffin Preparatory School to shoot a motion picture against the backdrop of the old Windorf Hotel that now houses the school. Penelope sneaks onto the set and watches them film a scene. Famous actors Priscilla Young and Clarence Dodd star in the movie and Penelope gets to see them up close. Regrettably, she also sees a spotlight fall on the director and kill him. Penelope claims she had her eyes shut when it happened, but the police think she may remember something. Unfortunately for her, the killer also thinks she may recall something.

To complicate matters, the school has a new cook, and Penelope’s friend Raddy thinks Chef Judy is trying to poison them. The new girl at school steals away everyone’s friends. As always Principal Merriweather keeps finding new ways to expel her. Between trying to get her friends back, starving and keeping away from the killer, she has her hands full in this next Penelope Mystery.



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Ron D. Voigts lives in Raleigh, NC and sometimes somewhere else. When back in Raleigh, he enjoys time with his family, watches old movies and shoots lots of pool. He has his own private writer’s retreat in La Vale, MD where he spends lots of time working on his next novel while enjoying the mountains and eating ice cream.



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