Reborn BCIf you know an author, you know the perils of trying to maintain a relationship with someone who is almost constantly distracted. The inside of an author’s brain often resembles a hoarder’s home. Only instead of cats, an author collects ideals. Tidbits of scenes, characters, stories, and information are crowded into every nook and cranny. The ability to remain in the “real” world opposed to the fictional world is a chore for the creative brains of those who have chosen to write.


In order to assist you, the “normal” person, in understanding the reasons why your friend or loved one seems to be going mad, I have developed a simple guide. First, let us look at a diagram of an average human brain compared to the brain of someone who writes fiction.


author brain


*Not an accurate medical chart

While you may worry that the author suffers from Avoidant Personality Disorder, I assure you the behavior is perfectly normal.  As you can see, anything that does not pertain to the writing process is shoved into the tiny spot at the back of mind. Unless, you are completely make believe you have little chance of capturing an author’s attention while in the writing zone without using specially designed tactics.

Now that you understand how the author’s brain functions, we can discuss what you can do to submerge yourself in the author’s world.

These five easy steps can change you from invisible person to a writer’s VIP.

  1. Take their work seriously. Support your author by telling them their writing is important and never putting them down. Help by offering to give them a few hours of peace while they write. Ask about what the writer is working on and listen when they tell you. The author will lavish you with attention.
  2. Read. Read the author’s work and be honest about your opinion. Placating your author by telling them you read their work and it was perfect when you did not and it was not, will only bring heartbreak later. WARNING: APPROACH WITH CAUTION. Only constructive criticism should be used. Insulting a writer’s novel is like insulting their first-born child.
  3. Stolen BCReview. If you loved the book or not, leave a review in as many places as possible. Four and Five Star reviews encourage other readers to purchase the author’s books, which will lead to the author being happy. One through three star reviews tell the author of areas where they could use improvement. (See warning from Step 2)
  4. Share. Tell friends, family, co-workers, and perfect strangers in the grocery store about the author’s work. Nothing says I love you more than taking on some of the promotion and marketing budget. Link, Like, Tag, and Share on Social Networks.
  5. Bribery. If all else fails, bribe your author with treats. Food, special trips, presents, and jewelry work well. I am partial to Gouda Cheese and Caramel Macchiato and will instantly turn away from the keyboard for either. WARNING: NEW BOOKS ARE NOT GOOD BRIBES AND MAY RESULT IN THE SAME SYMPTOMS AS WRITING.



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Jenda, Matteo, and Soborgne have escaped to Budapest in search of a safe hiding place from the Dracul. Knowing their future is unsure and danger surrounds them, they seek out the help of Matteo’s old friend, Celeste, at the Castle Vajdahunyad. When Matteo confesses all his secrets, the girls learn their part in an ancient prophecy that foretells the destruction of humanity.

After a deadly attack on the castle, Soborgne disappears with the strange man from her dreams and Jenda is left trying to convince the others of her friend’s innocence. While Soborgne is busy relishing the life of a vampire unrestrained and learning the dark secrets of her own life, Celeste calls together a meeting of the Coven and the Clan–a group of vampires and witches–to prepare for war against the Dracul.

Trying to save her and Soborgne from certain death, Jenda works to unravel the mystery of the prophecy. Driven by unanswered questions, she ventures back into the astral world where she comes face to face with an enemy they all thought could never hurt them again. Jenda learns the key to finding Soborgne and preventing the prophecy, but it comes at a steep price.



CS PictureAbout The Author:

Catherine Stovall is a new and upcoming author of fantasy fiction. Her novel, Stolen, is the first in the Requiem of Humanity series.

Catherine received her Associates of Science from Colorado Technical University. After working in the Criminal Justice field for several years, she has decided to dedicate her life to her true passion, creating captivating works of fiction.

She lives in Southeast Missouri with her husband, three children, and pets.



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