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This year is a bit bittersweet for me and mine. After an intense year, with several not so good parts, things are starting to get back on track. It’s been a hard sell for me to want to take part in the holidays, but the innocence and joy that comes from having a child boosts even the most stalwart of spirits.

After much contemplation, it occurred to me this year I should embrace the things I can be thankful for. Having my husband home and alive is a big one after his recent heart attack. Seeing my son embrace his latest year of school, his abilities to learn growing with each day. Family and friends I adore and cherish close at hand.  Minor points in a world that’s gone crazy for me but at least they’re things I can cling to.

So with my family nearby, I’ve decided this holiday season will be about embracing the joy of memories. Living life to the fullest and seeking the next step in attaining my dreams. I’m certainly not jumping into the deep end—though if you were to ask my husband he’d say I was—I’m planning, dreaming, embracing life and its joys.

One thing different this year than any other will be the lighting of a candle on Christmas Eve in memory of my late mother-in-law who we lost this past February. The holidays will have a hollow ring to them without her, but she’d want us to carry on. So we’re as a family going to embrace the turkey, the presents, the 4AM wake up call, the tinsel and paper tossed about. Family, friends, and the joys of living will be our greatest gift to ourselves and to the memory of the loved ones who aren’t with us this year.

Happy Holidays—may they be as blessed for you as they are for me and my family!




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TCGC BCSynopsis: A sexy cowboy to unwrap…what more could a girl want?

For Holly Walker Christmas is about more than just flashing lights, it’s about having some sexy time with her husband. This year, however, she’s got a secret that could destroy everything…or save their future.



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Reading has been a large part of Patricia’s life. She cut her literary teeth on such authors as Louis L’Amour, Nora Roberts, and Janet Dailey. For her it wasn’t such a jump from reading the wonderful tales these authors spun to imagining her own.

Soon she was writing poetry, short stories, and by junior high she’d written her first full length romance novel. Since then she’s taken her love of history and her passion for writing and combined them into what she hopes will continue to prove a successful career.


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