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Fun Facts About Gregory Marshall Smith


Hunters Tour ButtonHello, Lissette.

Thank you for letting me have this time to tell you a few interesting things about myself and my book.

As, hopefully, everyone will know soon, I am the author of the new novel Hunters, which is about a band of humans desperately working to stop vampires from uniting for a deadly new alliance.

That said, let us get to some of the fun facts:

1. As you can tell by my accent, I am originally born and raised in the Boston area (Somerville for birth and Medford for childhood). I have an identical twin brother, a fact that freaks people out for some reason (“My God, there are two of you?”)

2. I am a decorated Navy veteran of Operation Desert Storm. My first three memorable acts as a Navy engineer officer — accidentally insulting the officers’ wives club of USS Blue Ridge (LCC-19), refusing to dance with the admiral’s wife and blowing off the captain’s barbecue to go bike riding. I like to think I’ve matured a little since then.

3. I’ve been writing science fiction since age nine. Most of the stories of that era are long lost, having been written in pen or, later, done on typewriters (yes, pens and typewriters). The one thing I remember from those heady days — “Left right rudder!” “Left right rudder, aye, sir!”

Hey, I was 9!

4. 2011 is the 30th anniversary of my becoming a professional journalist. In September of 1981, I joined the high school newspaper staff of the Medford High School Mustang where I was assigned to cover the Afro-American Club (that’s Afro­-American), the French Club and DECA. I also began writing an occasional column on high school news for the Medford Mercury, the city newspaper.

5. Although Hunters is my first full-length novel, it is not my first published piece of fiction. That honor goes, ironically, to a cheesy comedy short I wrote called “The Brown Cougar” for a local community newsletter. It was a clear rip-off of The Pink Panther and the less said about that, the better.

Probably the saddest part of my long writing career is the fact that most of my earlier work is lost or sitting in some ancient archive somewhere. Much of the high school news work wasn’t archived and the items for the professional newspapers (Mercury, Mid-Cities Daily News) are dank basements on old microfiche. Some are even somewhere in Tokyo, Japan in the files of a now-defunct magazine.

6. When I’m not writing science fiction or horror, I write freelance sports, covering historically black colleges and universities.

7. I’m also an “actor.” Background mostly. But, to paraphrase the late great Phil Hartman:

“Hi, I’m Gregory Marshall Smith. You might remember me from such films and TV shows as The Odd Life of Timothy Green; Detroit 1-8-7; Hail Mary; Franklin & Bash; Walker, Texas Ranger; Life As We Know It; Fast & Furious; What to Expect When You’re Expecting; Homeland and a few it’s best to say nothing about. Oh and there was Wanderlust. Ah, Jennifer Aniston five feet away from me and topless. What wonderful memories. Now, if I could just figure out why the rest of the women who go topless in that scene were so pissed at me.”

8. If you want to check out some more of my writing, drop by (http://Writing.Com/authors/futrboy) or drop me an e-mail at: or

I am giving away two free ebooks of Hunters. To enter, just drop a comment or two (but no f-bombs) to one of the e-mail addresses above. Be sure to include a return e-mail address to be considered. I look forward to hearing from you all.


Hunters Book CoverBook Synopsis:

For centuries, vampires have owned the night. And in Fort Worth, Texas, master vampire, Louis Riordan, aims to keep it that way. With the help of Lin Tang, his lethal enforcer, he will unite sixteen of the continent’s top master vampires into the most powerful undead alliance the world has ever seen.

Rumors abound that Lin Tang’s most hated enemy, Cantrell Ryker, has returned from the grave and there are hunters in town, ready to take back the twilight. Vastly outnumbered and outgunned, with dissension in the ranks and a traitor in their midst, these hunters fight for humanity side by side. They now have a weapon that could turn the tide of the age-old war between man and vampire once and for all.

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Author Bio

Gregory Marshall Smith, born in Somerville, Massachusetts and raised in historic Medford, is a decorated Navy veteran. Though sports writing is his profession, in his career, he has been, among other things, a national columnist, playwright, engineer, asset protection agent, editor, safety auditor, fingerprinter, training instructor and sometime actor (Heiju trilogy; Life As We Know It; The Odd Life of Timothy Green; Detroit 1-8-7; Contagion; Walker, Texas Ranger).

He is the author of the novellas Crawl and They Call the Wind Muryah, along with two anthologies (Dark Tidings Vol. I & II). He has had numerous award-winning short stories appear in Farspace 2, Writer’s Bump, Far Side of Midnight, Spectacular Speculations and SFH Dominion, among others. Hunters is his first full-length novel.

Ever restless, he currently resides somewhere in America.

Greg is on Facebook at:

and Twitter  @futrboy