Good afternoon, lovelies.

I trust all of you are doing very well today. At least I hope so.

I’ve got a little goodie to share with you all this beautiful afternoon. This snippet comes from a short story I started earlier this morning. It’s genre is LitRPG.

This a little piece written within a world I’ve been lovingly crafting for a book I’m working on. I’ll definitely reveal more about that LitRPG story as time goes by, I assure you. Until recently, it was a secret project I was working on. Granted, I haven’t revealed the book’s title or avid details that pertain to it, so in a sense, it’s still a secret project. Somewhat, anyway.

::smiles and winks::

This story I’m sharing isn’t finished yet, but I figured you’d all like to see what I’ve been working on today. Depending on how the rest of the story plays out, I may end up changing the title. For now, it’ll stay as is.

As always, what I’m sharing with all of you is in its raw form. Once the #story is completed, however, it’ll be edited post-haste.