distractions Distractions . . .

They come in all shapes and sizes. From people to objects, even the internet. And they almost always seem to pop up whenever I sit down to do some writing.

My worse distraction of all is Twitter. I confess that I always have a window open just for that whenever I’m online. And I shouldn’t, I know, but the invitation to peruse it is just too strong to ignore sometimes. Even when I tell myself that I won’t check it while I’m writing, I almost always do.

One thing I dislike the most when I’m writing is when family members start to show up. Writing pretty much goes out the window when that happens. They stand behind your chair, looking over your shoulder reading every word that you put down on paper, or in my case, into MS Word and offer comments about what you’re writing in hopes of helping you improve. Which almost always succeeds in your making a mistake with whatever point you’re trying to put across within your manuscript. That, in all honesty, annoys me royally. I don’t mind people coming over, but when they start trying to suggest ways in which you can make what you’re writing better, (without knowing about what it is that you’re writing, I might add,) it starts to get cumbersome.

When I’m writing, I prefer to have the house all to myself. I really do. There are less distractions that way and there’s no one around to tell youwhat do or how to do it. I tend to have a movie playing in the background. Weird, I know, but it’s consoling and I’m not ‘entirely’ alone that way. I’ll sometimes load a bunch of songs onto Windows Media and sing as I write. I find these little things comforting, in all honesty. Ironically, though, these do not tend to be a distraction when I’m working.

Another thing that I find to be a very big distraction is the phone. It sometimes feels as if people must know exactly when I’ve sat down to write, for the phone will start ringing and it will never stop. Sometimes, it’s Mom. Other times, it’s one of my brothers calling just because they’re bored. Or my least personal favorite – telemarketers. So can’t stand it when they call trying to sell you something.

There’s many more in the list of distractions that seem to come along whenever I’m ready to sit down and write but they’re too numerous to jot down. I’m curious, though. How do you deal with distractions when it comes time to do some writing?