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IR Mini Button Good morning, lovelies.

I’ve a little goodie for all today.

Iocasta’s Reprieve releases on the 17th, as most of you know. Today, I’ve the book’s cover to share with you.

While this is a science-fiction/fantasy story, it’s also a story that’s darker in tone. Thus, the cover is a little different from that of the rest of the series.

Iocasta’s Reprieve is a prequel short story that will introduce you to Iocasta and her current plight. I know this story won’t be for everyone, but the premise needed to be told as it drives Iocasta to discovering who she really is later on down the line.

Without further ado, here’s the book’s cover.







Iocasta has a secret. One, she’s loath to reveal.

It’s no secret that Iocasta Meldren is the apple of her father’s eye. As the Goddess of Life and Love, she’s lived a very privileged life. For as long as she can remember, she’s basked in the adoration of those who follow her, an adoration she makes the most of.

A chance encounter one fateful night robs her of that which she holds the most dear. She’d give anything to hold tight to the remnants of her broken innocence. She’s lived with the repercussions of that night since then, praying that no one learns of her precious secret. Deep inside, she wishes she could keep the life she’s now entrusted with.

Iocasta knows her time is running short. The wolf hovers at her door, ready to release her from the burden she now bears. If she’s to succeed in holding fast to the one thing she loves the most, she’ll need to devise a plan to keep her enemy at bay. Her precious bundle must be protected, at all cost. The question is, how can she do just that when there’s no one trustworthy around to give her the helping hand she so clearly needs?