Release Date: November 5, 2015.
Genre: Mature, New Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense
Formats Available: Kindle


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Some choices do not come easy.

From the moment he came across Abbessé Franklin, Sam Connolly knew his life would never be the same. Friends from an early, their lives were torn asunder the night the Falgori tore through their quiet neighborhood. The unexpected destruction changed who and what they were. He’s come to terms with what he’s become, though it hasn’t been without repercussions. The world has been crumbling into ruin around him, while vampires and Falgori run amok.

Abbessé’s unexpected appearance has thrown his carefully constructed life into chaos. He’s survived this far without any mishaps, yet he knows things won’t stay that way. There’s a reason he led others to believe he was dead. Doing so has kept him alive this far. Unfortunately, life has a way of catching up with you, a certainty he’s learning as he and Abbessé run for their lives.

When Abbessé is captured and he’s left for dead, Sam makes a decision he knows will further change how things are. There’s no way he’s going to leave Abbessé at the mercy of the Falgori. Not when they’re working with vampires and God knows who else. Rescuing her is going to take some doing, but it’s a risk he’s willing to take. Those leading the Falgori must be stopped one way or another.