Memories Of You


Release Date: August 28, 2012.
Genre: Poetry, Romance
Formats Available: Kindle, Nook, PDF




I’ll always remember you . . .

There’s always that special someone . . . the one you can’t quite forget. The one who gets underneath your skin, whose memory rises so unexpectedly. That elusive memory you remember within the blink of an eye and can never let go once it surfaces.

Memories of You is a collection of poetry based on this very thought/theme. From lost love, to friendship, and heartache, it’s never hard to forget those who’ve impacted your life in so many ways.

We’ll always remember and we’ll never forget, forever holding close those memories of you!






I’ll Always Remember You

I traced your memory,
with my fingertips.
Rejoiced as I remembered,
how the mere sight of you made my heart do flips.

Embedded deep within,
the reaches of my own heart.
I know now,
it’s the one thing from which I’ll never part.

You’ve been with me,
for as long as I can remember.
I’ve never forgotten,
those moments we had together.

I miss you and recall you,
during those moments of solace.
Clarity has come and I understand,
why you disappeared so long ago without a trace.

Wherever you may be,
may blessings always find you.
I’ll always remember you,
no matter what I do.



What Is It About You?

So lost in thoughts of you.
They’re running around inside my head,
at about a mile a minute.
What is it about you,
that affects me so?
Why do I want you,
so badly?

You’re like a delicious piece of candy.
Goading me.
Mocking me.
Making me want to sample,
that forbidden fruit.

You’ve no idea how much,
I crave to hold you tight.
To lose myself within you.
To feel you there,
within my arms.
What is it about you,
that makes me lose control?



The One

 I burned the memory of you,
deep into my heart.
I hold it under lock and key.
A treasure from which I’ll never part.

Circumstance made you walk away,
and broke the ties that bound us.
Yet the memories remain,
and surface in one big rush.

There are times,
when I’d like to run from the truth.
To deny what I feel,
and pretend that I never loved you.

Yet to do so,
would mean death.
I’d flounder in that dark abyss,
even as I were to draw breath.

I sometimes wish that we would have had that chance.
To know whether we could have been.
Even now, I forever wonder,
if I’ll ever get to see you again.

You’re the one I can never let go.
The one embedded deep within my soul.
The one who holds my heart.
Forever consumed by these feelings I can never truly show.




You left your mark upon me.
A brand felt deep within.
I find myself recalling,
tender moments that can never be denied.
Your memory comes unbidden.
One I guard within my heart.
A part of me that burns brightly,
of which I’ll never part.



Like A Moth To A Flame

I’ve given you my heart.
Gifted with open hands.
No strings attached.
Uncaring of where we stand.

We were friends once,
and very well could still be.
These thoughts of you,
still live so deep inside of me.

We stand on different shores.
Searching for love and happiness.
You’re the one,
my heart does forever truly miss.

I’ve been tempted so many times,
to tell you of what I hold inside.
Yet we live within two different worlds.
Thus, these feelings I can’t confide.

You’ll always be the one I think of.
The one who holds my heart.
Like a moth to a flame.
Near, yet forever apart.