sunrise As a writer, what are your biggest aspirations?

Mine is that my work is being read and hoping that people enjoy it. It feels great to know what we write is being shared and read by people all over the world. I see it as a legacy, of sorts. Something to be remembered by later on down the line. Does that make sense?

While it’s great to be published, I think we gain a far greater pleasure in knowing that what we write is being read. Sure, not a lot of people may comment off the bat on what we write, but at least it’s being read, right?

One of my fears, and I’ll admit this freely, is that I truly wonder what people think about my work. I know that there are those that enjoy it, and have said so, but I find myself mulling on whether it’s really getting out there. Whether it’s truly being enjoyed.

I acknowledge that this is just my insecurities talking. We all have them. But it’s hard, sometimes, to let them go, and they tend to sneak up on us when we’re not looking.

This journey as an author has been amazing. What’s made it more so is the fact that I’ve met so many wonderful authors with such unique views and stories that they’ve written. I treasure each and every one of you. I really do.

I suppose that’s another of my aspirations. To see the friendships that we’ve been forging grow as time goes by.

All in all, I honestly have to say that I’m looking forward to the future. It doesn’t matter if people buy my books or not. I just hope that you enjoy what I share with all of you.