I’ve been up late tonight working on a few things I plan to release soon enough. Though I’m not quite sure why, I ended up working on this story a little bit. Some of you might remember me sharing an excerpt for this via my Facebook page a while ago. Said post is most likely buried amongst the many now, though.

The way this excerpt I’m sharing originally started is quite different than what you see now. Personally, I rather like it. As you can see, my writing style has changed a bit, but I consider that a good thing. It means I’m working on honing my craft, you know?

I don’t yet have a description for this story, but I assure you all it’s coming. This story was originally meant to be a short story, but it ended up growing along the way. The genre for this is Dark Fantasy with some elements of supernatural/romance in it. The romance is not the focus, however. It’s a bonus, so to speak. ::winks::

I hope you all like this excerpt. There’s more to come.