PS PH BC A little goodie for you all this morning–another tidbit from Protected Secrets.



He rubbed the bridge of his nose between a thumb and forefinger. “Artemis thinks the girl is the Child of Calamity.”

“Is she?”


“Are you sure?”

“Yes . . . No. I don’t know. I sought the girl out to reassure myself that no harm came to her.”

“You honestly don’t think–”

“Yes, I do. Artemis is capable of just about anything when it comes to something she wants.”

Poseidon frowned. “Our niece is the protector of young women. Surely, she wouldn’t harm a hair on her head?”

“If it meant it would further her cause, I think she might.”

“What would she want with the Child of Calamity anyway?”

“I don’t know. Besides, you and I both know the child doesn’t exist.”

“What if the prophecy is no longer a lie?” Poseidon pondered. “What then?”

Hades knocked back his shot of whiskey, and opted to take another swig from the bottle. He didn’t like the direction their conversation was going. The fact that another person now knew of Callidora’s existence did not sit well with him.

How many more would come to know of her?  he wondered. What will happen once they put the pieces of the puzzle together?

Unwilling to contemplate that very thought, Hades glared at Poseidon one last time before he teleported himself to the one place he knew he shouldn’t go to–Medusa’s private loft.