(I was brooding about something IRL when I wrote this earlier, so I apologize for the darkness of its tone.)



We seek acceptance from those,
we come across every day.
Hoping that we’ll bring them a smile,
as we go about our way.

Never truly knowing if we’ve made a difference,
within those paths we’ve crossed.
Forever wondering if we can call them friends.
Shrugging away those uncertainties, no matter the cost.

We flounder within that dark abyss,
searching for a light that will point the way.
Hovering near an exit that we can’t yet see.
Walking down paths that seem to lead us astray.

We surround ourselves with those,
who have come to mean more than what they were.
Never knowing that they’re wolves draped in sheep’s clothing.
Waiting within the shadows, hoping that things go in their favor.

They fail to realize that we seek only to befriend.
To include them within our very lives.
That we mean the things we say.
Never truly realizing that they’ve ulterior motives.

It’s quite sad that people only see what they want to see.
Hiding behind walls in hopes that we will never see through their lies.
Cocooning themselves within a world of their own making.
Praying that you’ll never notice as they bid you good-bye.

We yearn for an acceptance,
that is never truly there.
Never truly recognizing,
that some people just don’t care.

© July 17, 2011 L.E.M.