TGW BC Aloha, Lovelies.

How are all of you doing?

If you’ve been following my Facebook Fan Page, most of you already know I’ve been working on a new project.

It’s a series called The Child of Calamity series.

It centers around Artemis and her plans for Mount Olympus. She wants the throne, and she’ll do anything to get it.

I’ve been working on the outlines for The Child of Calamity book series. Keep in mind they’re novelette length at 15k each.

So far, I’ve 12 – yep, you heard right – 12 books scheduled to be written.

Depending on the characters in play, there may be more coming for the series itself.


The character list point-of-view for each book is as follows:
(NYT = Not Yet Titled)


Book 1: Artemis (The Goddess’s Wishes)
Book 2: Hades (Protected Secrets)
Book 3: Apollo (NYT)
Book 4: Hermes (NYT)
Book 5: Callidora (NYT)
Book 6: Deivos (NYT)
Book 7: Persephone (NYT)
Book 8: Medusa (NYT)
Book 9: Poseidon (NYT)
Book 10: Hera (NYT)
Book 11: Dyina (NYT)
Book 12: Zeus (NYT)
Book 13: Athena (NYT)
Book 14: Aphrodite (NYT)
Book 15: Orius (NYT)


These are tentative plans. I’ll announce book titles once I’ve come up with them for each book.

There may also be more books added to the series. We’ll see how things go on that, though. For now, this is the definite list of books in order of which character will tell the story as it goes along.

I hope you all enjoy the series when the time comes.