closure thumbnail I just wanted to share with you all another review of my story from Craig Hallam. Many thank you’s, Craig for your thoughts. I appreciate it very much. <3

Craig Hallam: I enjoyed it, although it’s not my usual fare. I like how you start with a hook then double back, and the general feel of it. The archaic language kind of slowed it down for me, making it less easy to read but the style was consistent so that might be just a personal preference.

It ended feeling like there should be more, or that I wanted to read more; like the story wasn’t over and there were still things I wanted to find out about the character. Maybe it could be the start of a longer piece?

Anyway, you’ve definitely got a knack for writing. I look forward to reading something else!

As I told Craig, I have an additional story to tie-in with this one in the works, so I will keep you all posted on how things go with that as I go along. I also wanted to alert you all to a contest that starts tomorrow. 🙂

Moved the giveaway info onto a separate post.