Good afternoon, lovelies.

How goes? Pretty good here.

You know those short stories I’ve been writing? Tomorrow, I’ll have 59 official stories written for the A Short Story A Day challenge I set for myself.

That’s 118,000 words put down on digital paper these past two months. Mind-boggling! Mind you, the actual word count goes a little past that, as I haven’t added up the current word count tally for the month of February yet.

The above accrual is based on writing a 2k story a day, most of which have gone past the word minimum. I’m honestly stoked that I’ve stuck to the challenge. It’s been awesome seeing what comes out of my head. I’ve written all sorts of genres for these stories, thus far. Most of them, however, seem to lean toward LitRPG. There’s nothing wrong with that, though.

I’ve been compiling quite a few of them that I’d like to release soon enough. They’ve been sent to my editor and we’ve been working back and forth in polishing the stories to get them ready for release. In between, I’ve been getting book covers created for these short stories.

For the time being, these stories will be available in digital form only. Someday, I might put together an anthology and make a print edition of it available to you all.

I so can’t wait to share what’s coming with you all soon. Thanks for being patient with me. Most of all, thanks for sticking around.