Evening, lovelies.

Hope all of you are doing very well.

I’m always writing . . . always thinking up new ideas. Yesterday, my Muse gave me a new inspiration, and another story was born.

This is definitely a series – one called The Secrets Of Vollarah. It’s genre is primarily Science-Fiction/Fantasy, but it has elements of Adventure, Suspense, and yes, Romance.

The first book, The Brakiehrih’s Treasure, has a good start on it already. While I’m not exactly sure how long it will be, I know it’s definitely not a short story. It centers around the adventures of an Elf named Gethsemane, a human named Dethsythe, and a Cassalo, a teddy-bear-like humanoid, named Lyrick. Granted, there are countless other characters in the story, many of whom I hope you’ll come to love, (or hate), when the comes.

I hope to have a working synopsis of the story soon enough, as well as a little snippet to share with you all soon. I’m honestly excited about this new story/series. So much so, that there’s already another book in the works for this series as well. I’ve got three chapters written on it already, though the book itself doesn’t have a working title as of yet.

I can’t wait to share more about the series/books as I go along with you all.