Afternoon, lovelies.

Swinging by to say hello. I’ve a bit of catching up to do, but I’ll get there.

I’ll be finalizing The Goddess’s Wishes ARC within the next few days. Subscribers to my newsletter – keep an eye out for it soon!

Details for the giveaway are almost done as well. Just need take a couple pics of the goodies, and it’ll be good to go.

Forbidden Desires has been sent to my editor for another round after I completed its current revisions. It’s almost ready!

Iocasta’s Reprieve is getting a book cover made. Can’t wait to see it soon, as well as share a little snippet of it for you all.

The goddess story for the anthology I’m a part of is almost done. I think I’ll make it just in time for the deadline.

Protect Secrets, book 2 of The Child of Calamity series, is approximately halfway in being written. Book 3 is also a good ways in. So can’t wait to reveal both covers to you all soon enough.

Her Sister’s Keeper is almost done as well. I’ll then ship it to the editor, and get it prepared for release soon enough.

There’s more I’m working on, but that will come in time. I hope you’re all excited for what’s to come!

As always, thanks for your support.