The Valley of Morraine

landscape 3 One of my favorite places here in Velosia has to be the Valley of Morraine. Surrounded by a cascade of mountains, it’s exudes a peace and tranquility so profound that you’ll never want to leave here.

Majestic firs, sweet pines, and beautiful oak trees dot the expanse of the basin, enclosing the magnificent Lake Veiron (named in memory of Morraine’s late lover) that sits at its center. Lilac and Lavender bespeckle the valley floor, their scents wafting into the air whenever a breeze begins to stir. Various animals inhabit the canyon, their presence heard, and seen, at odd intervals during the day.

Queen Erania named this place after her mother as a tribute to the woman who’d given her life. I suppose she thought that the splendid beauty of the canyon was a vivid reminder of what Morraine, now known as Moragatha, used to be. Personally, I don’t think she deserves it. She’s a manipulative, conniving witch that will do any to thwart those who get in her way. But that’s another story and I really don’t want to get in to it right now.

This place wasn’t always so beautiful. A great battle was fought here sixteen-years-ago. Somers can tell you all about it. The Scholl (werewolf-like humanoids) and the Denmarden (a half-breed race that possesses qualities from both the Velosian and the Scholl) had banded together in hopes of taking us down. We were able to overcome their advances, but not without casualties. Mind you, the war is far from over and they won’t stop trying until they fully conquer my world.

Ty discovered this place when she was three-years-old. Totally by accident, mind you. She’d always dreamt of a faraway place – one that has always called to her, unconsciously opening a portal to my world. You have no idea what it was like hearing the sharp crack of a portal being opened as you’re lazing about on a rocky outcrop high above the valley floor. The sight of a child standing in the middle of a clearing was enough to give someone a heart attack.

If you ever have the chance to come here, bring some heavy-duty hiking gear. You’re going to want to scale the mountainside so that you can get a clear, and unadulterated, view of the valley itself. Oh, and bring a camera!

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