Marius BC


Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Science-Fiction
Release Date: TBA


His destiny has never been his own.

From an early age, Marius Pendragon has lived to serve the kingdom of Velosia. It’s the only life he’s known, and he’s enjoyed every minute of it. In his mind, he has everything he could ever ask for and more.

When circumstances arise, and he’s forced to confront the secrets of a past he’s known nothing about, Marius wonders if his life will ever be the same again. The presence of a woman cited to be his supposed betrothed further strains his already hectic life. He refuses to accept the fact that things must change in order to serve his people to the best of his ability.

His unique shape-shifting abilities have garnered the enemy’s interest, and they’re intent on having him for their own. Tasked with protecting the realm of Velosia and the princess herself, he must find it within himself to reconcile his new life with his old one.

The enemy draws ever closer, intent wreaking havoc on the city’s beloved citizens. Marius must now do his best to do what’s right. Acceptance, however, is hard to come by. Bound by the duties set before him, he must face his greatest challenge yet–himself.



Available Chapters:

Ch. 1The Wolf And The Maiden
Ch. 2Pressing Matters
Ch. 3Following Orders
Ch. 4The Pieces Of The Puzzle
Ch. 5Lucid Clarity
Ch. 6Undeniable Circumstances
Ch. 7Cryptic Messages
Ch. 8Troubled Waters
Ch. 9The Storm Brews
Ch. 10Confrontation


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