Introductions Are In Order!

sky and seaGood morning, Mortals! Good of you to set foot on our soil.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Anyah. I’m the Goddess of Love and Tranquility. My brethren, and many others of my kind, reside within a realm called Velosia. We co-exist with yours, but none on your world are aware of this. Which makes my being here all the more grand.

You see, we felt that it was time for us to introduce ourselves to your kind. I’m sure that you’re all wondering as to why we’ve taken so long in making our presence known but we feared that most of you would reject the thought of those from our world living amongst you.

What!? ::eyes open wide with surprise:: You didn’t know?

::chuckles:: Well, now you do.

Don’t worry. We’re not looking for world domination. At least, not yet. ::winks::

We just want to share you with our lore. The stories and the legends that make us who we are. Most of all, we want for all of you to get to know us, just as much as we want to get to know you.

I suppose that you’re wondering what we look like. I guess that, in a way, we’re human just like you. Our bloodlines are interwined with that of your race, you see. They have been for years.

Our race is not the only kind that inhabits the realm of Velosia. There’s a race called The Schollarians or The Scholl, as we refer to them. They’re werewolves, in kind, I suppose. They, too, can pass themselves off as one of your kind, if they want to. Nasty little buggers, they are. You wouldn’t want to be caught out in the dark with one of them around. They’d tear you to pieces. Seriously, stay away from them!

We also have the Denmarden. They’re half-breeds. A cross between my kind and the Scholl. Basically, they were an accident waiting to happen. No lie. ::stares at you with innocence and winks:: My brothers and sisters and I decided that we’d allow this mixed race to co-exist with the others. Sadly, they don’t know how to play nice. They’re underhanded and quite conniving. They’ll wipe your pockets clean, if you let them. Stinking thieves, they are!

And . . . wait, I’m confusing all of you with this history lesson, aren’t I? ::hangs head low in shame:: Forgive me!

I just hoped that you’d all want to get to know us better. But there’s time enough for that, I think. ::smiles::

I have a feeling that we’re going to get along great. At least, I hope so. It’s been a pleasure, my pets, and I hope that I can get to know each and everyone of you as the time goes by. I also hope that you’ll come to love my world just as much as I – WE do. It may not be perfect, but it’ll do. I think.

Bless you, dearest mortals, and may love always follow you wherever you may go! It’s been lovely spending sometime with you and I hope to do so again soon!

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P.S. Others of my kind will make themselves known to you all as the time goes by. Some may not be pleasant, while others will be a joy to be around with. I hope that you’ll accord them the same courtesy that you’ve accorded me. Until next time!

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