Arrogane Palace

partial castleArrogane Palace . . .

How can I describe it’s beauty to you? ::scratches head in thought::

The palace, itself, sits on a mountain high above the city of Arrogane. Its walls are carved from the highest quality of limestone and granite. Its interior is reinforced with steel and timber. The architects have kept the use of timber to a minimum, though, as it tends to catch fire quite easily.

The castle’s summit is about 400 ft above sea level with it’s cliffs facing to the North, West, and East. It rears up about 230 ft from the ground. Its accessibility lies to the South, via a bridge that leads to the mainland.

The main keep hosts the King and Queen’s quarters, as well of that of their children, their royal guard, and several lords, and ladies, in waiting. A suitable staff is kept on hand at all times to provide them with every amenity possible. Several personal physicians are also in residence.

I have quarters within the main keep, but that’s another story and there’s time enough for me to regal you with that bit of history. ::winks:: But in case you’re wondering, I’m one of many captain’s within King Atlard’s guard. I’m also Tyale’s best friend. I’d give my life to make sure that she comes to no harm.

The main square is, of course, the palace yard. The Royal Palace lies to the east, the great hall to the south, and several barracks are lined to the west. The King prefers to be safe, rather than sorry, and keeps his most trusted cavalry close should harm come our way. King Atlard’s guard take their vows of protection seriously and you’ll have a hard time trying to get close to him should there be something that you need to discuss with him.

The middle area is protected by a large portcullis set at it’s very center. Here you’ll find several more barracks, as well as the main mess hall and a hospital wing. You’ll also find the military prison to the west and the stables to the north.

The lower area sports the gatehouse, as well as additional stables and the bridge that leads to the mainland. While most castles also have moats, the King decided against it. His youngest daughter is prone to mischief and he felt that such a thing proved to be a danger to her.

A long, stone tunnel at the back of the palace leads to a small beach/harbor. It’s also host to a hidden cave that I used to spend a lot of time in when I was a child. Perhaps, some day, I’ll make you all privy to its exact location.

While I can go on and on describing the palace’s location, I’d rather leave the rest of it to your imagination. I wanted only to provide you with some insight on Velosia’s main capital.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this small history lesson as much as I’ve enjoyed telling it to you. May the Gods grace you all with many blessings!

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