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Night Walker (The Night, #1)Night Walker by Lisa Kessler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Love and heartache are two things Calisto Terana knows well. The love of his life was murdered in hopes of making him walk the righteous path he was meant to walk from the moment he joined the Brotherhood. Unfortunately, this only succeeded to alienate him further.

Determined to make those who took her from him pay, he unwittingly makes a choice that forever changes life as he knows it. Doomed to walk within the shadows, he learns to cultivate his gifts in order to set all wrongs to right while also mourning the loss of the woman he’s loved ever since he lay eyes on her. Every day, he remembers what she was like. Every day, he mourns her loss anew. Read on »


Random EncountersRandom Encounters by Kathleen Walker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ronni Walters lives for the thrill of random encounters. The thought of kissing a man and having him when no one else expects it drives her excitement to heights she’s never dreamed of. The men she chooses incite her desires and leave her sated every time she walks away, never to see them again.

Yet everything changes when one random encounter turns out to be not so random after all. Ronni never thought that she’d see Steve Nelson again after their casual encounter. Granted, she hadn’t know his name then, but now that she does, she finds herself drawn to the man in more ways than one. Setting aside her insecurities, she knows that he’s her only chance in being able to redeem her client, Jessica Ward, before the jury’s eyes. Read on »