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SpeculationSpeculation by Edmund Jorgensen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Andrew Wrangles is content with the way his life is going. He has a beautiful wife named Cheryl, his job is going well, and he maintains a stable friendship with his friends, Buddy and Stanley Riordan. When Buddy goes missing, Andrew can’t help but wonder as to what has happened to him. Something tells him, Stanley might know, but he sure isn’t saying. Granted, reports of Buddy surface from all around the globe, but there’s something about the entire situation that he can’t quite put his finger on.

Stanley unexpectedly dies to cancer, a fact that takes Andrew by surprise. He’s thrown for another loop when he’s named in Stanley’s will as the recipient to ten million dollars, a large sum of money Andrew never truly knew his friend had amassed. The solicitor reveals to Andrew that Stanley has also left him a sealed envelope, one which piques his curiosity. He’s soon given the choice of either accepting the money or taking the envelope, a decision that is quite hard for Andrew to make. Read on »