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Mozart's SisterMozart’s Sister by Nancy Moser

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely loved this book. While I’m not much of a classical music afficionado, I’ve always held a curiosity about Mozart’s life.

Nancy Moser provided a very unique view into his world via the eyes of his sister, Nannerl. Their world comes alive as Nancy describes in vivid detail how they traveled all over Europe with their parents in hopes of making some kind of life for themselves. We can feel every triumph, every disappoint, as they grow up and grow apart as the years go by.

Nannerl’s happiness is short lived when her brother rises above her to be come a great composer, spurred on by her father who fails to see that she is suffering deep inside. She’s always wanted to be a part of the musical world only to be denied that chance so blatantly by her father. She’s left feeling inadequate, at times.

Her loss of the one man that she has always loved is very heartfelt. It made me want so much for her to finally get her dream of being with Franz. In the end, I suppose she did, for she was buried beside him upon her death.

I’ve enjoyed immensely the world that Nancy has painted of Nannerl and her family’s life. At times I felt as if I were truly there. It’s worth reading. I highly recommend it. Read on »