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Fierce DawnFierce Dawn by Amber Scott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Fierce Dawn was a great read. I became immersed in Sadie’s story from the moment that I opened the book. For some odd reason, I kept trying to envision what Elijah would like in real life and he looked nothing like the character on the cover. I think in my head, I gave him a life of his own as I read the story. The stormy relationship between him and Sadie was heady and full of pent-up passions that begged to be slaked at every turn of the page.

I also found myself wondering about what really happened between Holly and Crusoe and am hoping that you’ll consider writing their story some day. Your stories are phenomenal and I can’t wait to read Lyric’s story once it’s ready to hit the shelves.

One thing bothered me, though, was the way my Kindle kept showing the dialogue. For some reason, all the dialogue in the book was indented. Not sure if that was intended but I thought that I’d mention it. It sometimes made it hard for me to know when the next paragraph started since it would indent it also. Something to look into, perhaps? Read on »