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 My Merlin Awakening (My Merlin, #2)My Merlin Awakening by Priya Ardis

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From the moment she pulled Excalibur free of the stone, Ryan DuLac’s life went from being practically unknown to being plunged into the limelight, so to speak. It didn’t help that Matt had revealed himself to be Merlin before the entire world thereafter. Oh no, that’s quite a little thing compared to the enormous weight that now sits upon her shoulders. Her priorities have taken a different turn and she’s supposed to fulfill the obligations that surround the life of a sword-bearer now that she can wield Excalibur. That, unfortunately, is the least of her worries.

Determined to shun the responsibility of being the sword-bearer, Ryan claims that she needs more to time to come to grasp with her new status. She wants nothing to do with Camelot or the sword itself. In her mind, she did her duty and Matt can take care of the rest. Yet when a second tremor rocks the entire world, she realizes she can’t quite run from her past or the rocky onset of the future. Read on »