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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Henry Wood Detective Agency (Volume 1) Henry Wood Detective Agency by Mr. Brian D. Meeks

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was such a complex, yet intriguing story. It’s full of espionage, betrayal, and love. Yes, I said it – love. Everything you need when reading a thriller. Full of suspense and intrigue that will leave you wondering what will happen next.

Set in 1955, we catch a glimpse of what life in the Big Apple was like back then. There were no cell phones. No computers. No heavy electronics like we have today. Sure, the television had just been invented a couple before, but back then, people made do with the simplicities of life. And in all honesty, they enjoyed it.

Back then, people didn’t have to worry about missed emails. Or whether they’d be able to contact someone online. No, they much preferred to spend as much time with their families and did their best to establish themselves within the world they lived in. Brian did an awesome job in showing this aspect of life back in the 50’s.

He also gave us a very unique view into the every day life of a detective and the going-on’s of what the world was like when gangsters ruled people with iron thumbs. Everything a person did, everything they said, it was known from every corner of New York. Retributions against those that were considered lacking, or those that gangsters felt owed them plenty were common. They didn’t hesitate in taking a life or showing the person that they needed to show those in charge their loyalty.

This was how life was back then and the picture that Brian painted of it was quite vivid. He shows us what it was like to inhabit Henry’s world. To see New York through his eyes. To see the good and the bad within the people he came across every day.

He accidentally, or in this case, intentionally – via several others, gets involved within a case of which he wonders if he’ll ever be able to solve it. Luna Alexander has come to him in hopes of having him help her father. The beautiful Sylvia Culberson soon shows up and asks him for his help, too. Unable to deny them, he agrees, never knowing that his life has just been turned topsy-turvy.

Racing against time to decipher the clues that have been left behind by those involved, he watches his friends hurt in the process. It doesn’t help that there’s a betrayer in their midst. The journey towards his destination is rocky, and at times, he doubts if he’ll ever make it to the end.

Little does he know, there’s a guardian angel on his side. One who is intent on giving him everything he needs to achieve his goal. One who’s also determined to see him succeed, even when he thinks he’s failed.


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About Brian D. Meeks:

Brian Head Shot The Accidental Novelist

Brian began writing a blog on Jan 2, 2010, during a boring afternoon, while he waited for the football game to begin. His blog, Extremely Average, started as a collection of ramblings about woodworking, but became a place for his novels to grow. On Jan 30th, he wrote the 1st chapter (2nd chapter in the final version), because he was feeling puckish. He never imagined writing a 2nd or 3rd, but did. The fourth is under construction now.

The novel was written entirely as blog posts, then rewritten and polished before publishing. Brian has delusions of word smith and hopes to one day have Henry Wood feed and clothe him.



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