Fugue – J. Joseph Wright

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fugue Fugue by J. Joseph Wright

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I absolutely loved this story. The twists and turns that the authors offers throughout the books keeps the reader on his, or her’s, toes.

Paul Smith seems like an ordinary guy – quiet, considerate, and just an overall nice guy. But is he really what he appears to be?

He finds himself caught up in his neighbors lives, living each day to hear what Jenn and Dave have to say to one another. It doesn’t matter to him if they’re fighting. Nor does he really care about they’re getting it on. It’s Jennifer that he cares about – Jennifer, the woman who stirs his senses and fires his loins.

His fascination with Jennifer mounts as the days continue passing. He yearns for the sound of her voice. Sitting near the wall to listen attentively whenever she and husband have an argument, Paul finds himself wishing that he could save her, aching to take her away from everything that pains her. His hatred for Dave is evident throughout the story. So much so, that you can practically feel it.

~ Per Author’s Request, please note – SPOILER ALERT! ~

When Dave murders his wife, it’s Paul’s last straw. He does his best to try and save her, even though he knows that he’s too late. His mind fragments and he refuses to believe that Paul and Dave are one and the same, living each day believing that the other man is someone else entirely.

Yet at the end of day, he knows that he can never escape from the atrocities that he’s committed in the past. Nor can he escape the memory of the woman he’s always loved. A woman he will forever hold close inside his head.

Most of all, he discovers that no matter how much he may want to, he can never rid himself of the knowledge that he is, and always will be, Dave – the man who killed his wife in a fit of jealousy. A man he hates the most. A man buried deep inside of his soul – one whose clutches he will never be able to rid himself of.


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About J. Joseph Wright:

After nearly 20 years working as a videographer, I have finally returned to my first love, writing fiction. In high school I wrote constantly, but was dissuaded from pursuing it as a profession. I was told I’d never make any money at it so I might as well not try. A fallback plan. That’s what I was told I needed. So I went into video. Some fallback. Made no money in it. I decided if I was going to make no money, I might as well be doing what I really love. Now I’m writing and will never stop. I love to write horror and paranormal stories, but my most exciting project is a Sci/Fi Fantasy called Tribe of the Teddy Bear.


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