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DoxologyDoxology by Brian Holers

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Life has not been kind to Vernon Davidson. He lost his son at an early age and his wife not too long ago. His brother is ill and his nephews have kept away due to their self-imposed exiles for reasons no one truly knows about besides themselves. His disdain and anger at God and the injustices he’s feels have been committed against him grow by the day. So much so, that he’s begun to lash out at those around him in hopes of being able to make sense of the situations he finds himself in.

When Leonard takes a turn for the worst, Vernon is tasked with gathering his estranged children in the hopes that Leonard will get to see them one last time. Unable to refuse a dying man his wish, he sets out to accomplish the impossible. Making contact with one of Leonard’s sons, he asks Jody to come home and makes it clear that his father’s remaining time on Earth is limited. He also decrees that his father wishes to see his brother and sets the task of finding him within Jody’s hands. Read on »


Healing the Faith - Mocked by Faith 2 (Mocked by Series #3)Healing the Faith – Mocked by Faith 2 by Michele Richard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the moment, they’d met, Alexia and Justin McNear’s life has been anything but peaceful. Contracted to marry, they never set eyes upon one another until they day they were to say ‘I do’. Yet they were willing to overcome this fact, praying they’d able to trust one another and find the love they’d always been looking for.

For a time, everything was perfect and nothing could come between them. Until the moment their were lives were further thrown into turmoil when they found out they were expecting not one, but two, babies. Life was hectic because of this, but the two were determined to work together in overcoming the trials and tribulations that God was throwing into their path. Read on »