I took a little break from what I’ve been working on today to make dinner and what not. I’ve been fiddling with an idea I’ve been writing sectioned stories for.

I’ve been sitting down in between cooking and working on an image to complement the story. Since it revolves around my character, Artemis, I put this together real quick using a portion taken from a stock photo I’d purchased a while ago. Mind you, this isn’t a book cover. It’s just something to go along with what I’ve been sharing for the book itself.




The book’s title, as you can see, is Vengeful Souls. It’s summary is to be announced, as I’m still working on it.

If you haven’t begun to read what I’ve been sharing, thus far, you can find the first story section shared here:

Please Note: The current chapters shared are not yet numbered, so this does not determine the final order of the story itself.