Quite a few folks have been messaging me and asking as to when they’ll be seeing a new release from me. I started writing this as a post on Facebook, but I decided to update you on what’s going on completely via my blog instead. You see, Facebook popped a little message when I got to the end of the post citing that what I’ve written was rejected. My guess is because what I’ve written is a little too lengthy, for which I apologize in advance.

As you all know, back in 2015, I took down more than half of my book catalog. The reason for that was because I wanted to make the stories I took down better/add more content to quite a few of them. I’ve done just that throughout these past three years, I assure you.

I know things have been quiet here on my author page/social media platforms during that entire time, but I’ve been around, here and there. I’ve been maintaining my presence online whenever possible so that my readers/fans know I’m still here, still writing, still creating worlds for everyone to sink their teeth into, as they say. I honestly appreciate the support and the fact that you’ve all stuck around. It means a lot to me. More than you all know.

Life these past three years has been hectic. There have been so many ups and downs, I’ve often wondered if I’ll ever get back on my feet again. Through it all, I’ve been writing and sharing bits and pieces of what I’ve been creating with all of you along the way.

Even now, life is still kicking me hard. I’m not the type to post personal stuff on here—or anywhere, really—but I think this is one moment that merits my doing so. My recent silence on here is due to my mom’s having had a heart attack followed by an aneurysm.

Most people don’t recover from this combo. They tend to die from it on the spot. Mom, however, survived, but she isn’t out of the woods yet. She is recuperating from a massive surgery and will be in therapy for as long as it is needed. My family and I are doing everything possible to make sure she gets the needed treatment at every possible moment.

Despite what we’ve been going through, I’m still writing in between, while also moving things forward with my publishing company. Bet most of you didn’t know I had one, since I don’t think I’ve openly mentioned that via this page. Well, now you know. I’ve my hands in several pies, as they say, and will continue moving everything along as I go.

Getting back to my books/writing, I’m planning a few things for the upcoming year. First and foremost, it’ll be with Forbidden Desires. In Mercy’s Hands will also be seeing the light soon enough.

In regards to Closure/Broken, this entire series has been revamped. They are no longer short stories. When they’ll be released is to be determined because I want tell Ben and Ellie’s stories to the best of my ability. They deserve it, after all.

In regards to Forever Yours, this, too, has been revamped. It’s no longer a short story either. In addition to its extension, readers will also be getting Ty’s initial stories. Mind you, Ty’s origins are not of an erotic nature. Those books are written in the science fiction/fantasy genre and will be published under this name. The erotica stories will be going under my pen name, A. B. Panell.

The book, Dear Santa, has also been rewritten. It has also been renamed. The title for that will be made known once everything is ready for the book itself. Joanna is eager to make her reappearance, believe me, but the time has to be right.

The Warriors Of Galantha series is also seeing an extension. Iocasta’s Reprieve will be coming down soon, too, as I prepare to tell more of Iocasta’s origin story. I think she merits it.

The books, Stuck/Compromise of the Soul/For The Love Of Renata, have been undergoing their own revisions as well. Stuck is still up, but that will also be coming down soon in the near future.

In regards to The Child Of Calamity series, this, too, will be undergoing a complete overhaul. Covers/content/etc., I’m changing a few things because I want to expand on the universe I’ve created for Artemis, Hades, Callandra, and the others. They have so much to say/share that I can’t ignore the world I’ve made for them.

For the time being, the four books that are up on all retailers for this series will remain there. I’ll take them down and revamp them once I’ve begun releasing/re-releasing the other books in order to maintain my book/author presence online.

In addition to all of the above, I’m also working on quite a few new stories. You’ve all seen them, as I’ve been sharing whatever I’ve been working on with each and every one of you every step of the way.

So you see, lovelies, I’ve been quite busy. I’ve a lot I want to get out there. It’s all coming soon enough, trust me. I just want to make sure that I do it to the best of my ability. To put out the best possible products I can for all of you. I’ve a lot coming your way soon enough. I hope you all enjoy things every step of the way.

I started this journey back in April of 2011. I officially published my first book, Closure, the following month. Back then, my publishing a book was meant to be an experiment. I was testing waters in the hopes of seeing if I could make something of my writing. Honestly, I never expected to get this far.

Truth be told, I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today if it hadn’t been for all of you. For that my dearest readers and fans, I thank you. Thank you for sticking around. Most of all, thank you for your support.