Writers and authors will totally understand my current dilemma. Heck, I think most of you in general will, too.

You know how you’re working on idea, chipping at it, here and there, as you go along? Each second that passes, you see that idea expanding. It’s taking shape in ways you’ve never imagined.

Well, I’m at that spot right now. Ever since I got home earlier today, I’ve been working on a read-through. I’m almost done with it, but the progress has been slow. Why? Because the inspirations for what I’ve been writing today keep flashing deep in my mind.

My story is currently 2.9k words long. It’s not even halfway, though. I kid you not.

I’m honestly loving the sweet-nothing’s my Muse keeps whispering in my ear. My Muse, however, doesn’t seem to understand that I’ve got work to do. Nope. It’s adamant that I finish this story.

That’s how antsy my Muse has gotten. So much so, that the characters have started whispering, too. Their voices grow louder by the second.

I think I’m going to buckle down and finish writing what I’ve been working on. Only then will I be able to read what I have left in peace so that I can promptly send it on to its respective owner.

Is anyone else’s Muse like this? They really don’t let up, do they?